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Among all coexisting disorders Disruptive behavior is a disorder that are the easiest to identify, behavior could be seen as tantrum, physical aggression, verbal argumentativeness, stealing and defy or resist of authority. It often attracts others to notice when it interferes with performance with relationships between peers, family and at school, and frequently intensify over time.


Disruptive behavior is a behavior that prevents the progress with the ability of the instructors to teach and a child to learn in a classroom. It monopolizes the discussions hindering not just the child itself but the others as well.

Counseling a child

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• Tantrums

• Physical Aggression

• Verbal Argumentativeness

• Stealing

• Defy or Resist of Authority


Read more about the ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders at ADDitude Magazine and online resource.


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Symptoms of Disruptive Behavior

  • Identify the cause of challenging behavior

  • Appropriate strategies to positively guide behavior Increasing your knowledge relating to development of social skills

  • Learn to appreciate the importance of relationships and positive interactions

Understand Contextual, Environmental & Individual Influences in Social development and behavior on children.

You may not have considered an underlying cause to your child’s disruptive behavior, however, many times; disruptive behavior can closely resemble ADHD. While your child may not have ADHD counselling, Child and Family Counselling of Tupelo may help alleviate disruptive behavior.


It is normal for all children to be aggressive, having a tantrum, or impulsive sometimes, but for children with Disruptive Behavior, these behaviors are more severe and occur more often. Sometimes, these symptoms can be caused by a Central Processing Disorder as well.

Counseling and Therapy

Many Children Suffer from Disruptive Behavior