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Support, Education, Growth, and Healing

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Support, Education, Growth, and Healing  

Play Therapy is a therapeutic alternative to traditional therapy methods. Read more about our therapy options here. 

Leah Headings has extensive experience and training in working with child victims of sexual abuse.  

 Leah Headings is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 35 years of post-graduate experience.   She started Child and Family Counseling of Tupelo in 2006.

The Wellness and Counseling Center of Tupelo is located on the South end of the MidTowne Point Shopping Center on Gloster.  It is an interior space that only opens to the main mall area.

Our Office

We assist in helping your child face life with confidence

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Reasons Children Come to Therapy

  • Behavior Problems at home or school

  • Mood issues such as depression, temper, irritability

  • Fears, anxiety, or sleep problems

  • Adjusting to divorce and visitation

  • The loss of a parent due to foster care, death or incarceration

  • Physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse

  • Suspicion of sexual abuse

  • Attention Deficit Disorder, with or without hyperactivity

  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder

  • Asperger's/:High-functioning Autism

  • Poor social and communication skills