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Additional Resources for Parents

At Child and Family Counseling of Tupelo, working with the parents is an important part of helping the child. Providing parents with new information to better understand their child and new skills to better interact with – or manage their child’s behavior – is very important.  


Leah will provide some of this information as a part of therapy. She has also purchased lots of materials that parents can have access to through a Resource Library. Many books and DVDs are available to look at during your child’s appointment time or by scheduling a time to come by the office to watch DVDs when it is convenient to you. Topics include general parenting tips, behavior management, ADHD, and Asperger’s Disorder.  


Parents are also told about resources they can access themselves on the Internet.  Some of the recommended links are listed on this page. In addition, Leah will provide information about other possible referral sources if additional assessments or services are needed for your child. New educational articles and links are periodically added to the Facebook page for Child and Family Counseling, so be sure to check out that page, too.

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