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I will use individual and/or play therapy with your child, depending on the child’s age and needs. In individual therapy, I meet privately with the child to talk about problems, feelings, experiences, and relationships.  Together, the therapist and child think of new ways to deal with problems. Play therapy is used with children or adolescents as a therapeutic alternative to just talking.  It helps build a positive relationship between the therapist and child.

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  • Children of divorced parents

  • Children who've had a parent die

  • Children from abuse

  • Children with chronic illness

  • Children with behavioral problems

  • Children with high-functioning Autism

  • Children who have been victims of domestic violence, physical, mental, emotional abuse

Who Benefits from Therapy?

Always keep in mind that while I am in therapy sessions with your child, it takes more than regular office visits to help your child through their issues. I will work with parents to come up with plans and solutions to enhance therapy by providing practical things to try at home.


Together we try to determine the cause of your child's issues. By involving the parents, I will help you understand what you need to provide full healing and therapy for your child.

Family Counseling

What Can You Expect in Therapy